What can you tell me about the course and the trails?

If it seems like we’ve been a bit vague about the course, that’s because the course is a secret. We’ll be releasing a few hints about the course as the race approaches, but for now you just need to know that it will be about 15-20 km in length, with an official time cut off of 8 hours. Expect varying terrain (scree, bush whacking, etc) with big climbs and technical descents. There will be moderate scrambling with moderate levels of exposure. As for the trails? We’re hoping to keep you off-trail as much as possible. Don’t underestimate the distance either – there’s an 8 hour cut-off for a reason. 

What is the “Minitaur”?

Every year we have included a “Short Course” for the Minotaur. In years past, the Short Course was a re-route for racers who did not want to fully commit to the entire course or for racers who did not reach certain checkpoints before the critical time cut-off. We will continue to have a Short Course option for 2019, however because we value your effort, we’ve decided to now officially time and rank Short Course racers and have separate podium recognition for the top 3 males and females. Our Short Course will now be known as the “Minitaur” and should still not be underestimated. Saying that, the Minitaur is a great option for those who are on the fence about tackling the full Minotaur.

There is not a separate entry fee for the Minitaur and in order to earn the finish line Minotaur Shielf medal, you must complete the full course so we still encourage you to train hard and plan to tackle the full Minotaur.

Do I need climbing/belay skills?

You don’t need belaying skills to Meet the Minotaur. There are no sections of the course that will require a harness or knot tying. Saying that, you can still expect to do a lot of climbing – but the kind that involves leg power and some huffing and puffing. Helmets are included in the mandatory gear due to the alpine nature of the course.


Do I need orienteering skills?

The course, and route choice options, will be marked, so you don’t need to brush up on your map and compass skills. If you’re feeling nervous about being alone out in the wilderness, then convince a friend to sign up with you and plan to stick together.


How do I train?

The simplest answer is to get moving! The official cut off time for the Minotaur is 8 hours, so at the very least you should mentally and physically train to be ready for a long day in the mountains. Keep in mind that mountain terrain can be unpredictable and constantly changing – so try to mix up your workouts as much as possible.

And, spoiler alert: Expect a significant amount of elevation gain. And don’t forget that when you’re doing hill training, to work on your descents too.


What kind of obstacles are there?

The course itself is the obstacle. There aren’t any pull-ups or burpees in the Minotaur – we’ve put together a brutal but beautiful course that is filled with natural obstacles…and of course, the biggest obstacle will be yourself.


How do I know if I am ready to Meet the Minotaur?

If the idea of meeting the Minotaur is at once intriguing, but also a little terrifying, then you should probably sign up. If you’re reasonably fit right now, ready to commit to a training plan, and looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself in a remote, wilderness setting, then this is your race. You don’t need to be an endurance runner or experienced racer to Meet the Minotaur, but you do need to be willing to push yourself mentally and physically.

The Minotaur is full of surprises but you can expect a great, but gruelling, day in the mountains followed by a festive finish line celebration. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to push yourself beyond your comfort zone in a stunning mountain setting and to provide a completely unique race experience. You’ll get dirty, and maybe a bit scratched up, and you might swear a bit…but we promise you’ll smile about it afterwards.

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” 



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