Andrew Fairhurst is an experienced ultrarunner, adventure racer and a frequent visitor to the pain cave. He loves playing in the mountains as much as he loves suffering in them; and is skilled in back country, swift water and rope rescue scenarios. He holds a diploma in Adventure Tourism/Outdoor Recreation, and has several endurance races – both as a competitor and as an organizer – under his belt. As a previous owner of the Full Moon Adventure Company, and original co-founder of the Sinister 7 Ultra, he’s bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table…and his trademark (sadistic) sense of course design.

Susan Lowe-Wylde is well known throughout the Crowsnest Pass and fitness community as an inspiring, supportive and energetic athlete, yoga/fitness instructor and business owner. Susan is a certified Exercise Physiologist and Kinesiologist who has raised 3 active kids and loves nothing more than supporting beginners and people who are new to exercise. At 55, Susan can now proudly call herself an ultrarunner – she successfully completed the Sinister 7 Ultra after training consistently to achieve her goal of running the entire 100 mile course within the allotted time. In addition to numerous running and xc ski races, she’s also a former Canadian and North American Women’s Orienteering Champion. Susan is a firm believer that regular exercise and physical activity are essential for health and happiness, and hopes that people of all levels of fitness will come out to Meet the Minotaur.

Ian Lowe-Wylde is a life long athlete, racer and adventurer. With over 30 years experience in the outdoor retail industry, he has extensive knowledge of race trends, gear evolution and the needs of the modern outdoor athlete. As a local business owner, Ian is invested in his community and passionate about exploring the many trails and peaks of Crowsnest Pass. His passion and determination for pushing himself to the limit are evident in his race endeavors, and he’s proud that his blood, sweat and tears have earned him two OCR World Championship podium spots.

Erin Fairhurst is a Crowsnest Pass business owner and freelance writer – one of her favorite topics to write about is how amazing the Crowsnest Pass is! Erin is truly passionate about living and playing in our amazing community, and can’t wait to show it off with our new event. Growing up, Erin was always the “last kid picked in gym” but since moving to Crowsnest Pass from Edmonton in 2006, she’s embraced being active in the outdoors and has happily discovered the benefits that come with pushing yourself to take on new adventures.

Minotaur is a division of AIRaceLAB Inc.

“Racing is 90% mental, and the rest is in your head.”

Ray Zahab


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