Win a pair of ICEBUG shoes when you sign up to Meet the Minotaur

On January 10, registration will open for the Minotaur – and competitors will have until August 26 to train for the experience of a lifetime.

Our sponsor, ICEBUG Canada, wants to help racers prepare to Meet the Minotaur by providing some “armor” that will come in handy on race day.

ICEBUG Athlete Joanna Ford

ICEBUG Athlete Joanna Ford

100 racers will receive a pair of free ICEBUG shoes when they register to Meet the Minotaur. If you’re among the first 250 racers who are brave enough to register early, then you’ll be entered into a draw for a free pair of ICEBUGS. 100 pairs of shoes for 250 racers are fairly generous odds…just don’t count on us showing this much kindness once you’re out on the course.

Draw for your shoes will take place once 250 registrations are hit, or at the latest on May 1st. A huge thank you to ICEBUG Canada for their support, and also a shout out to ICEBUG sponsored athlete Joanna Ford for the pic, photo credit Jamie Junker.