Origin and Evolution


How the Minotaur came to be

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We launched our Minotaur event back in 2016 – at the time, our intent was to create a style of racing that hadn’t really been done before. As avid trail runners and racers, we all love the sense of peace that comes from the trail; but, our inner explorers were craving more. On our own running excursions, we love deviating from the beaten path. We like looking at ridges and peaks and taking the road less travelled to get to them.

So why not introduce this concept into a race? Why not share our love of exploration and adventure with our racers?


We played off of Greek mythology and came up with the concept of the Minotaur and the maze; and, introduced an event where the entire race course was kept a total secret from racers. Racers only learned the start location of the race the night before, and once the start gun went off, they headed out into the wilderness, bravely following pin flags and ribbon. We took them up and over summits, down scree and through dense forest. Only once they completed the course, were they able to see a map and appreciate the awesomeness of their accomplishment.

In 2020, we moved to a new format and created a permanent course…and joined the Skyrunner® World Series. It has been an absolute honour to put Canada on the map as a skyrunning destination, and to introduce runners from all over the world to the amazing terrain we have to offer.

Our course is certified by the International Skyrunning Federation, and meets the requirements for a world class mountain running event and qualifier for the prestigious SkyMasters race. In 2020, we also introduced the Mini-Taur 10 km, for those who like it short and “sweet”.

We are grateful for all of the support we have received over the years, we hope to see you at Minotaur SkyRace or Min-Taur 10 km, whether as a racer, volunteer, or spectator.