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Minotaur SkyRace and Mini-Taur 10 km Rules and Regulations

*Subject to change, please continue to check back and sign up for our Racer Updates to remain current

*New as of 2022, helmets are optional but strongly recommended.

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All participants and volunteers, must sign a waiver provided by AIRaceLAB Inc before the onset of the event. 

Race Bib

Your race number must be worn and visible at all times during the race, race number is provided by AIRaceLAB Inc.

Race Cutoffs

Participants have 12 hours to complete the Minotaur SkyRace course and 5 hours to complete the Mini-Taur 10 km course, the timer starts when the start gun sounds for each respective race.

Race Start

All racers must be congregated in the start line chute at least 15 minutes before their start time, any racers arriving after the start gun has fired will not be able to participate.


All participants of Minotaur SkyRace must be 18 years or older on race day. Participants of Mini-Taur 10 km must be 16 years or older on race day. There is no maximum age limit.

Means of Travel

All means of travel during the race are defined before or during the race itself.  No motorized travel means are permitted, use of motorized or aided means of travel will result in disqualification.  Only allowable means of travel is on foot.


To maintain awareness of your surroundings at all times no earbuds, headphones or auxiliary music/sound sources are permitted.

Checkpoints/Aid Stations

All participants must go through the checkpoint(s)/ aid station(s).  Checking in can be as quick as ensuring race staff/ volunteer(s) take note of your race number.  The Mini-Taur10 km does not have an aid station.

Checkpoint Cutoffs

The Minotaur SkyRace will have a cut off checkpoint, if a racer reaches the cut off checkpoint after a set time of day, the racer will be rerouted on a shorter course direct to the finish line.  You will be ranked as “Did not finish DNF” on the results. The cut off time will be known before the event start.

Course Route
Participants must stick to the course as outlined by the race officials.  The event course is well marked with pin flags, ribbon and signage.


Outside Assistance

You are racing this event as a solo athlete, to that end, no outside assistance is permitted during the race.  Acceptance of outside help, be it from a volunteer, spectator, medical personnel, bystander, race staff etc will result in immediate disqualification.  See next two points for the only deviations from this.  


Registered Racer Assistance

All participants are allowed assistance at any point during the race from another registered and ranked participant still participating in the race.

Checkpoint/Aid Station Assistance

All participants are allowed assistance from a volunteer, race staff or medical personnel at the checkpoint(s)/ Aid Station(s)   

Self Sufficiency

You must start and finish the race with everything you plan to carry, no littering or leaving anything behind on the course.  There are no food drops or locations to leave anything behind or pick up, if you started the race with it you must finish the race with it.


Aid Station Fuel

Aid Station(s) will have hydration and caloric replacements available to race participants. Aid Station provisions will be communicated in advance of the event.



Littering on the course will result in immediate disqualification.



Any competitor that drops out of the race must notify the nearest volunteer or race official immediately.



AIRaceLAB Inc is not responsible for any medical coverage for participants, nor costs incurred by participants for any emergency and/or medical treatment sought, or given, as a result of an injury from the event. It is the participant’s responsibility to provide their own sufficient medical coverage.



If evacuation from the course is needed in the event of an emergency, any and all costs incurred are your responsibility. This may include, but is not limited to ground crew rescue, helicopter rescue, RCMP, search costs etc.


Minotaur Tattoo
All finishers will be branded with a Minotaur tattoo immediately after crossing the finish line, ok, that’s not true, but credit to you for reading the rules and regulations!


Course Modification/Cessation of Event

Naturally presented hazards such as, but not limited to, landslides, inclement weather, lightening, rock fall, may result in course modification and/or cessation of the event.  This is an accepted risk of participation, no refunds and/or future credits are applied in such a case.


Abuse of any type- verbal, physical or emotional to any volunteer, race official, or fellow participant will result in immediate disqualification and a ban from all future AIRaceLab Inc events.

Mandatory Gear

Mandatory gear includes: Means to drink and carry water (this is a cupless event), toque (warm head covering), wind/water resistant jacket and emergency space blanket.  Racers are encouraged to wear/pack clothing based on the weather conditions in the forecast for the day. You will be high in the mountains and possibly amongst completely different weather than what the start line presents, BE PREPARED!

Recommended and Additional Gear
Trekking gloves and helmets are recommended. Additional gear suggestions include bearspray, headlamp, full length pants.  Depending on final course and weather conditions race officials may require participants to carry additional mandatory gear in advance of the race.


The race course(s) take you into the wilderness and remote locations, please be respectful of other trail users, and all wildlife.  Always give the right of way and respectful space to any wildlife encountered. Bearspray is recommended. Report and wildlife encounters to race staff or volunteers at your next available opportunity.


AIRaceLAB In reserves the right to carry out doping controls as per

Final Authority

Any and all questions about the rules and regulations must be questioned to the Race Director, the Race Director is the final authority on enforcing the rules and regulations.